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Recommended Reading

The problem with offering a list of SF favorites is that it naturally tends to grow and grow. I'm hoping it will help to make a public commitment that I'll keep it reasonably short. And I'll try not to abuse the term, "reasonably".... For the moment, at least, that will be easy; I have only hours before departing for LoneStarCon3 in San Antonio.

Classic SF

Robert Heinlein remains my greatest influence, matching brilliant ideas with some of the most powerful writing ever. Other favorites, in no particular order:

What's New

My favorite new work is Brilliance by Marcus Sakey, an amazing writer who self-published his way to success.

For the Funny Bone

Keith Laumer's Retief series brings big laughs in the context of intergalactic diplomacy, and Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat series follows a quick-witted scoundrel and career criminal who is forced to join a government crime-fighting unit. Laughing at Harrison's Bill the Galactic Hero made my sides ache. Fantasy lovers will find lots of laughs in the puns of Terry Pratchett and in George Alec Effinger's Maureen Birnbaum: Barbarian Swordsperson: The Complete Stories (Hardcover) . And in the world of film, don't miss the wonderful hommage to Star Trek, "Galaxy Quest."

On Writing

There are a lot of good books on writing out there; I'll mention just a couple I've found especially valuable lately.